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Books: The original entertainment media. Here is where you can share any and all forms of the written word: Hard-cover, paperback, first printings, autographed copies, text books, historical writings, fiction novels, anything except the Twilight series.


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Pangur Bán's Art books Fan Books Books Other Books TMNT Books Marvel Books DC R-style Vol. 01 (Japan) R-style Vol. 02 (Japan) SUPER REAL MAHJONG Toxic Book (Japan) Wizardry Abyss (Japan) SG Brothers 1000 II (Japan) PHANTA! (Japan) Disk System Unofficial Game Catalog (Japan) Game & People (Japan) XARDION FAN'S ART BOOK vol. 2 (Japan) Mobidius (Japan) METAL SLADER GLORY Inside Store ep 4 (Japan) RETRO VIDEO GAMES BATTLE and MEETING 2 (Japan) PC ENGINE MECHANICS (Japan) Unknown Games C (Japan) 30 Years of SPACE HARRIER II (Japan)

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