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Vinyl Vinyl Vinyl Video Game Music X68000 GAME MUSIC PRO-68K (Japan) BREACH & CLEAR: DEADLINE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (US) INFINOS GAIDEN ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (Japan) AKA & BLUE ORIGINAL SOUND TRACKS (Japan) + Poster Devil Hunter REBOOT (Japan) REMIXES Best 2 (Japan) SORCERIAN PERFECT COLLECTION Vol. 3 (Japan) ALL SOUNDS OF Xak (Japan) reZonance world Famitsu DX Pack (Japan) CONTRA (US) THE ADVENTURES OF BAYOU BILLY (US) SUNSET RIDERS (US) REPUBLIQUE (US) Ray'z Music Chronology Famitsu DX Pack 3D Crystal Set (Japan) MIDI POWER X68000 COLLECTION ver.1.0 (Japan)

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