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The Sony Playstation is the first in the Playstation series and was the console responsible for the famous black disks.


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ps1 PlayStation SONY PlayStation FRONT MISSION HISTORY (Japan) by SQUARE Dengeki Construction: Lets Do a Falling Block Puzzle Game! (Japan) by fupac SPEED KING (Japan) by KONAMI BLOCKIDS (Japan) by Athena playstation 1 WILD ARMS 2nd IGnitIOn Demo (Japan) by MEDIA.VISION SAMPAGUITA & The Hepatica Flower Demo (Japan) by SUGAR & ROCKETS Saru! Get You! Demo (Japan) by SONY GAIA MASTER Demo (Japan) by CAPCOM Slam Dragon (Japan) by JALECO STAHLFEDER (Japan) by SANTOS Asuka 120% Special Version 2 (Japan) by Fill in Cafe Asuka 120% Special (Japan) by Fill in Cafe PARO WARS (Japan) by KONAMI TOKYO CRITICAL BLOW (Japan) by RACDYM

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