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Sega Dreamcast Sega Dreamcast SEGA Dreamcast Sakura Wars 4 Limited Edition (Japan) by RED Silver What's Shenmue (Japan) by SEGA ghost blade SPECTRE-3 BOX (EU) by KTX Pier Solar Jet Grind Radio Sakura Wars: Hanagumi VS Columns 2 (Japan) by SEGA dancingblade II (Japan) by KONAMI TOKYO Sakura Wars 3 A Limited Edition (Japan) by RED Sakura Wars Online: Long Days in the Imperial Capital Limited Edition (Japan) by RED SGGG Limited Edition (Japan) by SEGA dancingblade + Telephone Card (Japan) by KONAMI TOKYO REDUX 1.1 COLLECTORS EDITION (EU) by KTX SPACE CHANNEL 5 Part 2 SPECIAL PACKAGE + Preorder Clock (Japan) by United Game Artists Typing of the Dead

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