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SEGA MEGA DRIVE/GENESIS/MEGA CD/SEGA CD/32X Sega Genesis MUTANT LEAGUE FOOTBALL (Japan) by ELECTRONIC ARTS DARIUS EXTRA VERSION (Japan) by TAITO/Hidecade MAD STALKER (Japan) by OPERA HOUSE Pocket Monsters II (Taiwan) by ? Shin SAMURAI SPIRITS (Taiwan) by ? DRAGON BALL: FINAL BOUT (Taiwan) by ? THE LION KING 3 (Taiwan) by XBOY THE LION KING II (Taiwan) by GAMTEC HERCULES 2 (Taiwan) by ? SUPER DONKEY KONG 99 (Taiwan) by ? ULTRACORE (Japan) + Poster by DICE ULTRACORE (EU) by DICE 16BIT Rhythm Land (Japan) by Columbus Circle STAR ODYSSEY (US) by HOT B CASCADE (US) by epyx

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