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SEGA MEGA DRIVE/GENESIS/MEGA CD/SEGA CD/32X Sega Genesis STAR ODYSSEY (US) by HOT B CASCADE (US) by epyx SLAP FIGHT MD (Japan) by TOAPLAN/TENGEN PANORAMA COTTON (Japan) + Tea Cup by SUCCESS ECCO THE DOLPHIN CD (Japan) by NOVOTRADE SMART MOUSE (US) by Chuanpu Clan of Heroes: Generals of the Yang Family (US) by Taiwan Triple IT CHELNOV (Japan) by DATA EAST DINO LAND (Japan) by WOLF TEAM STEEL EMPIRE (Japan) by HOT B EARNEST EVANS (Japan) by WOLF TEAM RAMBO III (Japan) by SEGA Ristar the shooting star (Japan) by SEGA Cascade PULSEMAN (Japan) by GAME FREAK

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