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NEC PC Engine/TURBO GRAFX-16/CD-ROM2/Super CD/Arcade CD/SUPER GRAFX TurboGrafx-16 ATLANTEAN (US) by AETHERBYTE STUDIOS PC Engine MEMORIES: MAHJONG DREAMS (EU) by PCEWORKS PC Engine MEMORIES: CARAVAN BATTLE STAGE (EU) by PCEWORKS Shubibinman (Japan) by MASAYA Shubibinman 2 (Japan) by MASAYA PCE-DOCTOR (Japan) by Yakata Soft PC ENGINE CD-ROM CAPSULE (Japan) by SHOGAKUKAN FINAL BLASTER (Japan) by namco TOY SHOP BOYS (Japan) by Mutech Elfin Labyrinth (Japan) by LASER SOFT RAYXANBER III (Japan) by DATA WEST Sorcerer Hunters (Japan) by HUDSON SOFT Double Dungeons Blue Blink (Japan) by WESTONE ROCK ON (Japan) by BIG CLUB