My Video Game Art Books Collection

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  • An art and design book fr the game Dark Souls, a sequel to Demon's Souls.
  • A concept and making-of book about the creation of the games Myst and Riven
  • An excellent book written by Valve, showcasing the art and design work that went into Half-Life and Half-Life 2. In addition to the book itself, it is signed by Erik Wolpaw and Jay Pinkerton.
  • An art book that explores the design and art of Halo 3, delving deep into the Covenant and Forerunner's design, as well as the climatic battle between the Master Chief and the Flood.
  • A full spread of my video game and media art books, from September 2012.


I am a video game developer who collects video game books, specifically video game design and art books. I have many video games as well, but the creative and artistic process behind making games is best shown in art books and design books.




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