Anthony Pietrak's

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  • Arcade Game Circuit Boards

    An assortment of classic arcade game circuit boards that I've held on to over the years. Most of these are either back-up boards for games I own or odd-ball / rare game boards that I thought were interesting when I found them.
  • Arcade Game Laser Discs

    Original laser discs used in classic arcade games from the early 1980s such as Dragon's Lair, Space Ace and Cliff Hanger.
  • Arcade Games

    I have been collecting coin-op arcade games for over 15 years now, when I discovered you could actually own them. These days I'm trying to get my collection to a manageable number (always a problem), but I'm getting closer.
  • Atari 2600

    One of the first systems I started collecting games for after I picked up a lot of about 40 games at a yard sale probably 15 years ago. I really haven't done much to build this collection in the past 10 years, but here's what I have.
  • Colecovision Games

    I have been collecting Colecovision games since the early 90s, most of these were picked up at flea markets or in the early days of eBay. They are probably the hardest games of the early console systems to find in their original boxes.
  • Colecovision Systems and Accessories

    Collection of Colecovision system and accessories for the gaming console.
  • Fantasy Books

    My collection of fantasy books, nothing particularly rare here, just books I've read or plan to read.
  • Lego Castle Sets

    My collection of Lego Castle system sets. Just started collecting these sets passively over the past few years as my kids got more into Lego. The Castle series was always my favorite, so I've focused on that series.
  • Lunchboxes

    Various 80s lunchboxes that I picked up over the years. Most of these reflect my interests back in the day (and today).
  • New Old Stock Arcade Artwork

    My collection of original, new old stock (NOS) arcade game artwork, such as sideart and control panel overlays. These are original items, not reproduction artwork that I've obtained over the years, most are pretty unique and very hard to find.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Games

    My collection of Nintendo NES video games. I have nearly every NES game ever released in the US and over 650 of those are boxed. I'll be adding more as time permits. Most of these I picked up at flea markets and yard sales in the mid-90s to late 90s.
  • Super Nintendo (SNES) Games

    Mostly a collection of my favorite SNES games and some other interesting titles. This is one of the systems I just don't have the time and money to collect everything for, but still have some items.
  • Video Game Memorabilia

    Just random videogame collectibles, toys, other "stuff", mostly from the early 80s that I have obtained over the years. I one point I had a lot more stuff like this but slowly sold it over the years.