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Totem - Chris Collection

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  • Description: 1. Suit for: game center, home, Party, Bars, Club, Advertising, Present etc 2. 60 in 1 classic game 3. Customize artwork or ours 4. 17 inch samsung / LG TFT LCD 5. 4/8 joysticks and pushbuttons 6. 28P standard jamma harness 7. No coin acceptor 8. Size: W376*D450*H700mm 9. Package: W450*D540*H780mm 10. Black MDF
  • Description: 1. Quality wood cabinet with metal feet and metal control panel 2. Horizal or vertical can be adjusted 3. 19 inch industry TFT LCD, wide view for game 4. Tempered glass protect on the surface 5. Can be customize art graphic for advertising 6. 60 in 1 classic game 7. 2 players, joysticks and pushbuttons 8. 28P standard jamma harness 9. Color: Black / wood grain 10. CE Certification 11. Package: W870*D880*H620mm 12. 110V/220V~240V is available 13. Suit for: game center, home, Party, Bars, Club, Advertising, Present etc
  • Description: 1. 19 inch TFT LCD 2. Quality 18mm MDF wood cabinet wood cabinet, 8mm Tempered glass protect on the surface 3. With artwork 4. 60 in 1 game 5. With 1pcs multi coin acceptor can accept 6 different denomination 6. 2 players, joysticks and pushbuttons 7. 28P standard jamma harness 8. With 2 stools 9. Size: W875*D640*H720mm
  • 1. quality MDF wood cabinet 2. 19” full -view TFT LCD 3. 8mm tempered glass 4. 4 -players 5. non-pre-loaded game, easy to download game to the system 6. wifi, USB interface 7. AU/US/EU standard power supply
  • Description: 1. Desktop style suit for game center, home, Party, Bars, Club, Cafe shop, Advertising, Present etc 2. Quality metal cabinet with quality painting 3. 19 inch TFT LCD with tempered glass protect 4. 485 classic game / pandora box 3 5. Multi coin acceptor for local currency coin 1-6 different value coin 6. 2 players, joysticks and pushbuttons 7. 28P standard jamma harness 8. Color: Black / white 9. Package: W500*D450*H550mm
  • 1. 20.5'' TFT LCD 2. 2 players, 2 joystick and pushbuttom with trackball 3. 619 game 4. Black or silver T-mould available 5. Artwork can be customized 6. AU/US/EU standard power cord
  • Share Happy Time With Family and Friends Nothing compares to the Totem Upright Cocktail With Retro games, provides authentic sound, graphics and action transporting you back in time, just like you remember it from your local arcade. The graphics look nice on the large LCD moniter and 2 Joysticks let 2 players enjoy games at the same time make the player feel like they are part of the game. Re-live all these 80’s game in one cabinet: Pac-Man, Ms Pacman, Galaga, Galaxian, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders DX, Marvel VS Capcom, Frogger, Street Fighter, Metal Slug, 1942, 1943 etc Dimensions: W24.17 x D25.67 x H65
  • Description: 1.Desktop Metal cabinet with quality powder coated 2.ITL bill acceptor NV10 / BV20 3.Coin hopper(Coin size: D: 15~28mm, thickness: 1.25~3.5mm) 4.Coin size:D:17~30.5mm, thickness:1.25~3.5mm 5.LED digital display total amount 6.Easy operate main board 7.Coin capacity: 800~1000pcs 8.Application:laundry;washing machine;game machine etc


Upright Arcade Game Machine Relive 80's retro game


Arcade (Non-Video)



Total Estimated Value

$6,889 Ave item $626