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Cobra_Crimson Cobra Commander | 2009 Comic-Con Exclusive

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Cobra_Crimson Cobra Commander | 2009 Comic-Con Exclusive
Added Feb 22, 2013.
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He leads the forces of COBRA, the ruthless terrorist organization set on global domination, and has become a thorn in the sides of the GI Joe team. He has legions of soldiers, millions of dollars and an arsenal of state-of-the-art equipment at his disposal, yet the man remains a mystery. COBRA's Crimson Guard soldiers are lawyers and accountants by day, and soldiers by night. They twist laws and steal money for the Cobra organization, then battle enemies after dark. Troopers begin by working their way into business and government. Once they achieve powerful positions, they become officers who lead small units on secret missions. Ultimately, all Crimson Guard soldiers follow the orders of their supreme leader, Cobra Commander. Bent on world domination, Cobra Commander cuts a swath through freedom, liberty, and justice. He will stop at nothing to push his forces to victory. The only thing in his way: GI Joe.
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Sixth Scale Figure
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