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Cobra Sniper

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Cobra Sniper
Added Feb 22, 2013.
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Just as the venom of a cobra contains neurotoxins that are capable of killing a human with a single bite, Cobra Snipers are deadly with a single shot. One of the vilest individuals on earth, COBRA Commander rarely, if ever, negotiates his demands. Instead, he uses his elite unit of snipers to demonstrate the consequences of non-compliance. From concealed positions, COBRA Snipers take care of those unwilling to give in to COBRA Commander's demands or are simply in the way of a larger agenda. In addition to their extensive infantry training and natural born marksmanship capabilities, COBRA Snipers are specialists in camouflage, infiltration, observation and reconnaissance techniques. Employing these abilities, COBRA dispatches snipers across the globe to remind the nations of the world that their most important personnel are always within reach of COBRA's fangs. Time and time again, G.I. JOE has had to deal with COBRA Snipers on the battlefield. Above being an added annoyance and source of frustration, COBRA Snipers have hit their marks more times than the Joe's are willing to admit. While respected for their abilities, their cold-blooded selection of targets incenses many of the Joes and at the same time filling COBRA Commander's heart with delight. They have no remorse and the psychological training they received from COBRA has removed any trace of conscience that may have previously affected their loyalties. These individuals are simply an extension of the venom coursing in COBRA Commander's veins.......COBRA!
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Sixth Scale Figure
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