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Cobra Viper | Exclusive

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Cobra Viper | Exclusive
Added Feb 22, 2013.
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The COBRA organization houses many divisions under its hood of terror. Structured into multiple specialized units, VIPERs are designed for creating havoc andspreading COBRA COMMANDER's fanatical gospel of world conquest and anarchy. Evolving from the "blue shirts" infantry uniform is the heavily armored infantry VIPER. These faceless troops have no emotions to hide and no identities to reveal behind the anonymous metal masks of their wrap-around helmets. Infantry VIPERS are as coldhearted and vile as the leader of theirorganization and have an unwavering loyalty to COBRA. Any hint of disloyalty results in severe penalties from which none return to describe. Each infantry VIPER is trained in many different forms of hand-to-hand combat, extensive weapons and demolitions handling, as well as disguise andstealth. This physical and psychological training molds these individuals into the sadistic and hardened snakes that G.I. Joe faces. Through further specialized training, the infantry VIPER can ascend the ranks of COBRA by enlisting in any one of the specialized VIPER units. Only those most merciless on the battlefield, ruthless in their ambition and hungry for power can climb the ranks in COBRA. The same vile evil that courses in the blood of COBRA COMMANDER slithers in the veins of each infantry VIPER........COBRA!
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Sixth Scale Figure
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