My Tauntaun Heads Collection

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  • This was the angriest and dumbest tauntaun I ever met. He was tough and wouldn't die. We fought for 19 hours and I finally got em with the ol 'Look over there' which he fell for and I bit into his neck. Wish I would have known how dumb he was 19 hours before that
  • This tauntaun and I became friends as he saved my life. One day I was hungry so I killed em. I don't think he would consider us friends now
  • Took me 9 hours, but he was my first. Tasted awful though. I think he was old.
  • I liked his eyes...not to eat, he just had nice eyes
  • I just thought his head looked good on a stick. End of story


Every Wampa loves tauntauns. Some like them BBQ'd, some boiled, fried, etc.. These are some of the tauntauns I have killed and eaten over the years. I collect their heads