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  • Ralph McQuarrie's art appeared on numerous Topps trading cards, and I always loved seeing his concept art. This book was a Japanese edition collecting much of that art, and came with a little translation companion booklet.
  • I probably went to Burger King a lot when I was a kid because I wanted to get their Star Wars stuff. I completed one and a quarter of this sticker poster.
  • This is a nice shirt to wear when you want to wear a Star Wars shirt, but don't want to look like you're explicitly wearing a Star Wars shirt.
  • Some people may say putting this patch on a bag will lessen the patch's value, but I think really it'll increase my bag's value.
  • Every year, my parents buy me a Hallmark Christmas ornament, and I usually pick out the Star Wars one. This one talks, but never makes it onto the tree. Somewhere in a box of Christmas decorations I've got a light-up Death Star.
  • This was a father's day gift from my son Oscar. It's pretty solid and heavy for how small it is.
  • I always loved these movie collector's magazines, but never had this one growing up.
  • I'm debating on whether I should color in this and relive some childhood, but it probably won't feel as satisfying afterward.
  • I loved the Marvel Star Wars comics adaptations, but I always wanted these paperback collections. I found all three at some comic convention.
  • My brother had this book growing up, and I always had to ask him to borrow it, so when I found a used copy I had to buy it.
  • This book was a huge inspiration for me when I was little, both in terms of drawing and storytelling and just being creative generally. It made me want to be a storyboard artist for film until I realized how tedious that would be.
  • I loved this book when I was a kid, enough that not all of the elements work anymore. Nostalgic, but not quite as impressive as Matthew Reinhart's excellent Star Wars pop-up books.
  • Another book I never had when I was young, but always dreamed about getting.
  • I wish I'd gotten all three special edition soundtracks, not just for the music, but for the excellent packaging. You can't get that with digital.
  • I don't remember what came in this tin originally. Now it holds paperclips.
  • This set actually makes for great reference for drawing Star Wars characters, and I figured it made sense to get the Topps exclusive three ring binder for it.
  • At Star Wars Celebration VI, a few publishers got together and made this passport, which you could have stamped at various booths.
  • I drink coffee out of this, not hot chocolate, but it's still great.
  • I spent a lot of time drawing Star Wars from this book, but sadly don't have more than a handful of those drawings now.
  • I loved this Return of the Jedi Collector's magazine. I wish I could make a movie and have a collector's magazine for it.
  • I had this paperback when it was first published, sold or lost it somewhere along the way, but finally re-purchased it.
  • We used these at my home for years, and when I moved out I think my mom got rid of them. Then a friend got me the lightsaber battle one as a Christmas present. Years later, I broke it, and then days later I was walking by a antique shop, and they had the same one in the window. I bought the Ewok glass later and immediately found out that these may not actually be safe for drinking.
  • These were free cups from the C3PO's cereal. I used them as paint water cups, but since I don't paint anymore, now they just sit there.
  • I used this all through high school. I put a bunch of stickers from the Topps trading card sets inside.


This is my collection of random Star Wars items, collection begun circa 1979


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