The Asshat Arcade Collection

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  • An old Arachnid Super Six darts cabinet. Works great! It's been updated to the latest ROM available and I also run the scores on my TV as well.
  • In decent shape overall. Plays awesome!
  • This is the 2nd Asteroids Deluxe I've owned. After selling the first I regretted it. It took me 2 more years to find this one.
  • Xenon in pretty damn spanky condition! I picked this up CHEAP... but of course it had been sitting under a tarp for a couple years.
  • My nemesis! She works when she wants. I have more hours in to this cabinet than any other! I will one day take the beast!
  • One of 2 current projects.
  • This was an Atari Dig Dug. By the time I got to it, it had been converted to god knows how many games. It was pretty much gutted. It now runs vertical games via MAME and I have a 2000+ album MP3 jukebox running as well.
  • I have both Golden Tee Complete & Silver Strike Bowling 2007 in this cab.
  • Gorf in great ORIGINAL shape.
  • MAME is what started me out in this hobby. This cabinet is the 2nd generation of Horizontal MAME cab at my place... though the innards are the same, I upgraded from a 19" to 25" cab around 2009.
  • Restored Marble Madness
  • Donkey Kong Jr cab running Arcadeshop PCB with Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Donkey Kong 3, Donkey Kong 2 (hack), and Mario Bros all enabled.
  • Pac Man running a 96-in-1 Multigame add on to the original PCB.
  • Multipede is a Centipede cabinet that I managed to save from hell and restored a bit... it's currently running an ArcadeSD PCB.
  • This is my 2nd Neo-Geo 4-slot. The first one was the "big red" style. I prefer this style. I even replaced the EL marquees...
  • This is my latest pickup. There isn't much to be done to it at all... new marquee lamp and locks. That's about it.
  • Omega Race in excellent shape (after a bit of fun with the PCB!)
  • This is the 2nd of 2 projects I currently have going. It works fine but needs some cab work. I already have the side art here waiting.
  • This compact model (why they call it that I have no idea it's a HEAVY BASTARD) is in good original condition.
  • A good original condition SF Rush The Rock: Alcatraz Edition. Brand new tri-res monitor.
  • I picked up this 45RPM Juke for an OK price. I love the sound of a record though so it was a must for the gameroom!
  • This Space Duel is in very nice ORIGINAL condition.
  • Star Castle in original condition. I do have some new side art for the cabinet so one day I need to pull it out, clean it up... re-paint and add the side art.
  • Star Wars upright I completely stripped and restored... it also has a Vector Labs SW/ESB kit installed.


FrizzleFried's home gameroom (home game garage more accurately).