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  • Loose Atari 800 games, Flashback 3 sticks, and my personal copy of Ms. Pac
  • Already fully restored. A beautiful piece. Made by Kingtek.
  • An Atari 2600 4-switcher I'm working on restoring. Will be for sale.
  • Top for parts
  • This is one of my Light Sixers, I call her Stella since its easier. It's all original, all I did to it was clean, though it is near mint! She/it was made on July 28, 1979. I tried to take a piture of the backlit setup, but I just couldn't take a still picture of it. The switches are beautiful and shiny, but the picture just doesn't capture it. On top of it, is a Harmony cartridge, a cartridge that you program ROMS onto an SD card on your computer, and simply plug the SD card into the cartridge! I applied my own reproduction Jr. Pac-Man label.
  • Yup, a test version of Jungle Hunt. It is the complete version with all the sound effects and levels. It is for sale, $200 shipped in side an electronic anti-static bag, inside of a Nintendo case, inside of a foam bag. It is pretty much frozen in time.
  • Yes, yes, it's yellowed, but has a heart of gold and workd perfectly. :)
  • This is an early 1977 Atari joystick, it is very different compared next to a normal later joystick. I have 3 of these, for sale for $40 each. They are in very good shape. I know nothing about the Suncom NES stick, you have to stick in your own NES controllr for it to work.
  • I still have the original packaging. Funny how perfect the cover fits, it came with my Harmony cartridge!
  • This is a rare and beautiful blue Sega Game Gear. Currently being fixed. When it is finished, it will be $50 shipped.
  • No box, but everything else is brand new. The console and adapters have never been taken out of their packaging (i/a) or used. The power adapter was in the garage for cleaning at the time of this picture, I do have it and you will recieve it if you buy it. It is for sale, $200 + shipping.
  • Every good game deserves a case! These are for misc. handheld consoles.
  • The label was printed on twice, creating a strange effect. For sale for $40 shipped.
  • This copy of Stargate is errored twice. For one, the end label font is incorrect. The secind thing is the label is crooked. For sale for $50 shipped.
  • This is a factory testing Light Sixer console. It says "PROPERTY OF ATARI, INC. SUNNYVALE CA [zipcode]" on the bottom of the top case. It is currently in restoration and is for sale for $260 shipped with all cables, a game, and a joystick. More games extra.
  • This Game Boy Clor's guts will be transferred into a new plastic case. Will be for sale for $27 shipped wrapped in bubble wrap and inside a bubble wrap sleeve.
  • Brand new clear Game Boy color from Japan with a Handypak Color add-on. For sale, $27 shipped without the add-on, $47 with.
  • It's still in the case! It has some minor scratches on the case, but the console's MINT! The insert is reproduction, but it still has the original batteries! It's for sale, $90 + shipping,
  • 2600 games. Wall Ball is for sale for $150 shipped, it's near mint. Ask for more pics. Video Cube is $70 shipped. Porky's, Cookie Monster Much, and Sorcerer's Apprentice are $10 shipped each or $25 shipped for all.
  • Titie says all, they're all wrapped up and ready for shipping to my customers.
  • Games for handheld consoles, all for sale. Ask for price. I have more than pictured. :)
  • It's a Sears Light Sixer painted gold, I'm a bit ashamed of it now but it looks pretty. I could always take off the paint.
  • ...sorta. It's dismantled for repair, it needs new controller PCBs.
  • They go to my Ms. Pac-Man arcade cab!!


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