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The BIG 80's Ghettoblasters Collection

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  • Considered the Holy Grail by many....this is the defintion of Ghettoblaster
  • One of the best boomboxes built by JVC...a real quality piece of pop culture!
  • A new Boombox with a retro-look! You use your I-phone to play music and videos through it!
  • Lasonic was a huge player in the boombox is one of their most popular models.
  • Classic Sanyo Boombox
  • Sharp's mean looking entry level boombox
  • Huge Boombox featured in the movie "Do the Right Thing"
  • Another huge boombox from Tecsonic
  • Gives you a idea of how BIG these are....they are almost touching the ceiling!!


Some pictures of 80's boomboxes!