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Neo-Geo MVS-4-25 v1

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Neo-Geo MVS-4-25 v1
Added May 19, 2012.
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Growing up, after I played Street Fighter II for the first time, I was hooked on fighting games. It's only natural that I was then slowly driven to be an SNK fan with games like King of Fighters and Fatal Fury. Since then I've come to appreciate all the games the the Neo had to offer - the Metal Slug and puzzle games being some of my favorites. I located this particular cabinet on craigslist in early 2012. I had been watching for a nice "Big Red" for some time and since I had just managed to make the room at home, I was very pleased when I found this one right down the street from me. It needs more work than I'd hoped for, but considering the other that have popped up in town, I'm pleased with my purchase. While I managed to talk the guy down to $400, I suspect at least another few hundred will go into restoring this thing. My estimated value with increase based on what I spend restoring this cabinet, despite knowing that I likely won't be able to resale it for that.
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Neo-Geo 4 slot "Big Red." Picked up on craigslist for $400, but it was right down the street from me. It had a reproduction control panel overlay, which I've since replaced, and as you can see, the sides need to be worked on. The front of the cabinet was painted black for some reason, but I plan to restore that as well.
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