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  • Apple Macintosh Classic. This wa my forst Mac, I bought it at a yard sale and thought it was broken until I found that you had to press a key on the keyboard to power it on! I now have two, both work; one runs System 6.x and the other System 7.x
  • Apple Macintosh LC. Another yard sale find, works fine but the case doesn't close all of the way because of a gigantic hard drive it was upgraded with. Works fine.
  • Apple Macintosh LC 520. All-in-one unit, works perfectly.
  • Apple Macintosh SE/30 with original backpack-style carry case.
  • Apple Macintosh Performa 600. Has some sort of lock-down software left over from the school that had it before me, makes it near useless until I can re-platform it.
  • Apple Macintosh PErforma 6200 CD. Works perfectly, runs Mac OS 8.x and uses a caddy to load CDs which sort of stinks.
  • Apple Macintosh Power PC G3 beige minitower. 233Mhz version, upgraded to run Mac OS X.
  • Apple Stylewriter inkjet printer. The original Stylewriter model. I have two of these, one works and the other... not so much.


All of my low-end Macs, pretty old school.