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  • I've had this since the late 70s when my Dad bought it for me. Complete in box. Motors still work. Propellor is broken but can be glued.
  • I've had this since the early 80s when my Dad bought it for me, One clear tire was eaten by my dog, otherwise complete in tray - no box.
  • I've had this since the early 80s when my Dad bought it for me... motorized, remote control with cable. Some plastic parts. Complete in box.
  • Knucklestrutz beginners set. Really cool, interconnectable building toy that I found at a yard sale. This is generation 1, there have been changes made to the tools design since this set but they're really cool and you can build a lot of stuff.
  • Lego Mindstorm Droid Developers kit R2D2. Found this at a yard sale for about $5, originally sold for around $100! Complete in box with manual.
  • I found a bag of these building toys loose at an antique mall and found out they were called "Ramagon" so I bought two boxes of this full construction set as well as a few more loose sets as well. These are a really cool, and unusual, construction set from the 1970s.


These are my construction toys that are complete in box.




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