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  • I got this when it first came out in '77 ans still have it today. I've logged a *lot* of hours on this machine!
  • I bought this with a huge box of cartridges at a yard sale but it had no pwer supply... wow, they're hard to find.
  • I got this for Christmas the year it came out and still have it, the zapper, and ROB in the original box.
  • I've never actually played this although it works. It hase 2 controllers, 2 mem cards, steering wheel, and pedals.
  • The CD add-on for the Sega Genesis. I have two games: Sewer Shark and Android Assault.
  • My original Sega Genesis. With several programmable controlers. I have have two of these, one working and the other not so much.
  • I Got this is a church sale for something like $1 - never tested.


These are my run-of-the-mill, non-obscure gaming consoles.