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  • My current favorite handheld, the Korean-made Dingoo A320. Emulates almost every console up to, and including, the Playstation 1. Also plays DOS-ported games like Doom, Heretic, etc. Plays MP3s, movies, reade e-books, and has an FM radio tuner.
  • Open source handheld gaming device - plays homebew games as well as a lot of console and computer emulators.
  • Gamepark Holdings follow-up handheld to the GP32. Emulates tons of systems, plays movies, MP3s, e-books, etc. A lot of fun but the controller was widely panned. I still love my First Edition, pre-ordered, GP2X.
  • My first "handheld" - it used snap on cartridges to change games. I had blockbuster and some other game like tetris I think. Black and white block graphics, primitive but fun at the time.
  • Segas first handheld console, similar to the Master System but the cartridges were not compatible. I have the blue model with about 5 games and the case.
  • Segas second handheld console, this time it used the same cartridges as the Sega Genesis. I have one of these in good condition with the add-on battery pack.


My small collection of handheld gaming devices