Obscure Consoles Collection

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  • The first cartridge-based home console in history. I have one in pretty good condition but no games; there are four (?) built in games similar to the Sears Telegames games.
  • I only have one game for this system, Pattank, and no controllers but it works.
  • MY Philips CD-i system has the gamepad controller and four discs: Space Ace, a golf game I forget the name of, a chess game, and Grolliers Encyclopedia
  • My very first game system, I still have it and the console and both controllers are in excellent condition. Four games, *in color*!
  • The Quest for the Rings for the Odyssey 2 console. Boxed game with an overlay, manual, book, cartridge, and a bunch of game tokens and markers. I have no Odyssey 2 but I gather it's part board game, part video game. Really cool box with a tray for the parts and black ribbons at the corners to keep the box lid from opening all of the way.


Some of my more obscure consoles