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  • Dungeons and Dragons 1st Ed. Basic boxed set by TSR. The box is in bad shape and only the orginal manual and an orange player record sheet remains.
  • A 100-sided die, the Zocchihedron or d100, by Gamescience - one of Lou Zocchis greatest inventions.
  • The first edition of Deities and Demigods by TSR with the entries for the Cthulhu Mythos and Melnibonean items still included, prior to lawsuits by Chaosium. 144 pages.
  • KABEL (Knight and Berserkers, and Legedemain) boxed set by Ernest T. Hams. All books in mint condition, signed by the author. Box in very good condition, no rips or marks on anything. All books and character sheets printed on "vegetable parchment".
  • AD&D 1st Edition Monster Manual from TSR. All pages intact, cover slightly foxed if not down-right badgered, beared, and wolverined.
  • Rolemaster RM! boxed set with Arms Law/Claw Law (x2), Character Law/Campaign Law, and Spell Law. Box in good shape, scratch on front.
  • Iron Crown Entertainment Rolemaster ver. 1 Spell Law boxed set. All four books in great shape, the box not so much.


Several of the harder to find items in my Medium-sized RPG collection.




7 / 5 with Est. Val.

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$148 Ave item $30