Vintage Computers Collection

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  • I have two '286 systems, one just like this picture and another by Acer. 1MB RAM, 20MB hard drives, CGA graphics. These cases were steel and built like tanks. I connected to my first BBS (before the internet was invented) on onw of these with a 2400 kbs modem - it took about 8 hours to download a 1MB file.
  • My working Amiga 500 with mouse, monitor, external floppy disk drive. Runs Workbench 3. Tons of games.
  • A complete, working Apple IIc with the monochrome monitor and the Applewriter dot matrix printer, also has the original blue fabric carrying case. I got this at a yard sale from guy who used to run a New York area "Warez" BBS so I also have two large cases of double-sided 360Kb 5 1/4" floppy disks.
  • I now have two of these; one on my desk at work and a second with both monochrome and CGA displays. 4.77Mhz, 360KB floppies, 256Kb RAM.
  • I have two of these, both running Mac System 7 OS. Both working, full systems.
  • The oldest Mac in my collection. 30MB hard drive, 1MB RAM. Mac System 7 OS. With original blue fabric carrying case.
  • My non-working IBM PC Jr. Basically a modified XT system. Great color for the time. Second generation non-chicklet keyboard. MS-DOS cartridge. Parallel port sidecar. Original IBM ProPrinter. Original color monitor.
  • My first computer ever. All working, still in original boxes. CPU, tape drive. 16Kb memory expansion cartridge. Lots of cartridges and cassettes.


The oldest computers in my collection