• Converted from an original Blitz. replaced the Marquee and CPO with NOS parts.
  • Great side art. I replaced the marquee since I took this picture. I have KI1 PCB inside as well.
  • Very clean. All original. near-mint condition.
  • All original. Haven't seen one this clean since 1993 =) I replaced the lexan with a NOS lexan and removed the WICO 360 joysticks for preservation.
  • Side art shows it's age. Has original buttons and joysticks!! I replaced the control panel overlay. Plays great. All my arcades have 100% perfect looking monitors.
  • Marquee, monitor, and game are in great shape. The cabinet is not in good condition. Eventually I'll get a better cab. this is my favorite version of Pac-Man. Pretty rare too.
  • X Arcade tank stick and Xtension Cabinet running a computer way to advanced for what it's being used for. =) Runs only arcade games but there is a secret way to get to all the console emulators and virtual pinballs. I listed a $700 value because that is what the tank stick and cabinet cost to purchase. Resale on this thing is a big question mark. No plans to ever sell it. gutted the tank stick and put in wireing that eliminates input lag and multi-button limitations.
  • The Grail! Tron. This is my most recent purchase and I'm working to restore it 100%. Since the pic was taken I replaced the joystick. added a spinner knob decal. I have a new CPO to put on. I put the proper blacklights in. I am looking into getting a new monitor although the one insde looks fine.


My arcade collection began a year and a half ago.. I'm currently out of room to put these things so I need to find a place with a garage. Till then I'm stuck jealously looking at other peoples arcade collections online. =)





Total Estimated Value

$5,450 Ave item $681