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Tayler Rowe's Figure Collection Collection
McFarlane 12 Inch Alien Queen

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McFarlane 12 Inch Alien Queen
Added Oct 2, 2012.
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Hey guys back again with a new figure review, I know its been a few weeks and I do apologize to you guys who have been following me. So lets get into the review. This MOTHERFUCKIN bad ass figure came about a week ago and its seriously taken me this long to find a spot for it, it's just too big! I had to empty an entire shelf of about 10 figures to make room. The colors and textures on this figure is absolutely superb, the queen herself is stunning and looks ready to pounce. But by far the background attachment stands out the most, it depicts a female victim stuck to an industrial type wall with a chest burster ripping through her chest. I stated in my previous alien warrior figure review (which can be seen here that I wanted to display these two together, but upon opening the queen I knew I'd have way too much trouble finding space. This stunning piece from Mcfarlane is highly recommended in my books for fans alike.
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