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Tayler Rowe's Figure Collection Collection
MEZCO Tony Montana

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MEZCO Tony Montana
Added Sep 24, 2012.
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"SAY HELLO TO MY LIL' FRIEND!" who the fuck doesn't like Scarface? coch-a-roaches that's who! MEZCO have brought Al Pacino's greatest character to life in this stunning figure. There isn't much articulation in this little guy, which I think is great because having him stand with a pistol works best for the character. The face is a little strange, don't get me wrong it looks like Al, but his eyes are looking way up into the sky for some reason and its a little tricky to get his head in the right position to make him look natural. Very dull whites and blacks give off a great vibe, showing the gritty cocaine underworld style the movie has so brilliantly achieved. Keep your eyes on this space for more Scarface replica and memorabilia reviews, and as always guys don't forget to RATE and COMMENT. cheers.
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