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NECA Hero Ash

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NECA Hero Ash
Added Sep 17, 2012.
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This is the second Evil Dead figure I have purchased and easily the best. the first being an evil Ash, it was only fitting that I hunt down this guy. Neca have once again out done themselves with the amount of authenticity and detail poured into this figure. The classic surprised face of Ash brought back all the memories as to why I fell in love with the franchise to begin with and the added touch of the laughing deer head from the cabin was superbly crafted and very close to the movie. but of course who could forget that chainsaw? the rusted metal and scratched red paint are perfect. Unfortunately there are some slight downsides to this figure, the first one being the sawn off shotgun being extremely difficult to be gripped in Ash's left hand. It look a little modifying but after that it was fine. The second issue being the articulation in the legs is a little stiff, so once the perfect position is found DO NOT CHANGE IT.
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