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Tayler Rowe's Figure Collection Collection
NECA The Boondock Saints

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NECA The Boondock Saints
Added Sep 25, 2012.
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The infamous Irish biblical brother hit squad are looking superb in this addition from NECA. Each one will set you back around $30 a pop, but take it from me, its way worth it. They were released in early October of 2009 and since then haven't really had much attention apart from the seedy cult following from fans of the movie. Not too much articulation on each figure and can easily fall over if the feet aren't positioned correctly, but this shouldn't take to long to correct. The figures details are correct down to the tattoos and rosemary beads which is a great touch in my eyes, because to be honest I wasn't expecting the guys from NECA to go through the effort to bring something so small into effect. Brilliant buy guys.
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