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SOTA Toys Dark Man

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SOTA Toys Dark Man
Added Sep 17, 2012.
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Now when I had purchased this figure from eBay, I hadn't seen the movie at all but had always kinda knew about it being a cult classic. So whilst waiting for him to arrive in the mail for a few weeks, I'd passed a DVD store and noticed the movie in the front window. After taking it home and being glued to my TV, I was at the least to say that I was pumped. Its always great to see SOTA toys, for a company that went bankrupt, they have always had in my eyes the greatest detail on small scale figures. most of the figures they produced were around 7-8 inches which applies to this one and the detail still amazes me. the shine on his burnt skin, the roughness of the bandages wrapped around his wounded hands and even the dirt flicked up onto his leather jacket stolen from a hobo. great pose, great detail and great figure.
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