The Founders -

James Bright

A 20 year veteran of the IT world, James has been working at start-ups since first launching a computer magazine in 5th grade. Granted, the Ontario "Compute!" only had one issue... but still, it's probably pretty collectible today. Listen, if you find that issue in your attic, it could be worth literally tens of dollars.

James joined his first start up right out of college, and has been working at small and growing companies including AllPoints software, RealityOnline, Inc, and VerticalNet. James is co-owner/founder of and in 2007 James was the VP of Engineering and Founder of Orbius, a white-label social networking software platform. James is very proud to be a Hokie, graduating from Virginia Tech in 1995 with a degree in Computer Engineering.

You can follow James on twitter at @jbright

Anthony Pietrak

Anthony has been a long-time collector... of well, almost anything related to his childhood: vintage Star Wars toys, Legos, video games, arcade games, etc. After graduating from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania Anthony went on to work for a small health care oriented corporate finance company for about five years.

Apparently five years was all the time needed for him to decide it couldn’t sit behind a desk the rest of his life. In 2000 he ran into James while collecting coin-op arcade games and together they founded in 2001. For the past 11 years Anthony has been running, a successful high-end retail store for Arcade collectibles. He is married with three kids and a lovely, smart wife (she’s a biochemist).

Christian Heinzmann

Ever since elementary school where his first BASIC program was written on a now collectible Apple //c (yes, he still has an Apple //c in his basement) Chris has been hardcore into the computer industry. His constant drive to program took him to Drexel University where he graduated with a Computer Science degree.

After Drexel, Chris worked for Unisys (while it was still a Fortune 500 company), then realized his pragmatic outlook and desire to ship was better suited at startups. One of those startups was Orbius where he met James. After Orbius Chris worked for eMoney Advisor, a success story in the Philadelphia startup scene.

He can be found on the interwebs at Chris's blog and @sirchristian

Richard Cavallaro

The only person that calls him Richard is his mother! (and angry girlfriends) Rich has been in the IT business for over 15 years, with the last 10 years focused on the operations and infrastracture side of the house. When the server is on fire, Rich is the guy to call. (That never happens! Seriously! Okay, only once.) The first thing he learned was that when someone says a server is on fire, don't take it so literally and use a fire extinguisher on it.

Rich grew up at Putt-Putt arcade in Clifton Heights where every quarter from his weekly $2.00 allowance from cleaning the bathroom went into memorizing the moves on the new Dragon's Lair machine. When Rich found out James could get him a Dragon's Lair machine of his own, that lit the fire. Rich has been collecting all his favorite arcade games from the 80's ever since, with the collection now up to 18.

Rich also absolutely loves hockey and is a HUGE Philadelphia Flyers fan.